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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Grudge V

Over the last couple of days I have been painting the chest plates of his armour. I wanted this to look like very old Bronze that has seen a fair amount of use, much like the rest of his armour. I did some image searches for reference and decided I wanted it to look somewhat like this Greek helmet. I like the various colours working together but without the polishing!.

I gave the the armour plates an undercoat of green then a couple of flat coats of Vallejo Model Colour Bronze. This is a good base to start with.

Once that had dried completely I took a leaf from Jabberwocky’s leather tutorial (Portal issue 10) decided to stipple the the various rough textures on. I use VMC Park Green, VMC Smoke & VMA Black which I left to dry a while so it went tacky.

Once happy I gave it a couple of washes with VMC Verdi Gris Glaze.

The final step was a very light drybrush of the original VMC Bronze but just in one direction, in this case upwards so only the underneath parts or the plates and rivets received the highlight.


The gold band was a much more simpler method. I painted VMC Old gold over a brown basecoat, shaded with VMC Smoke and VMC Royal Purple. This was then highlighted with a mix of VMC Old gold and VMA Gold.

As usual Crits and Comments Welcome.Smile

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