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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Bastard Prince

This is a great mini and a little diversion while I get a busy period of real life out of the way and feel I can continue with The Grudge. The miniature I’m using is The Squire by Stone Tower Miniatures.

Stone Tower is owned by a fellow WAMP member Cregan Tur who got none other than Chris Clayton (aka giganticdark) to sculpt his first miniature. I was luck enough to get a couple of these.

First up I wanted to change the pose so he was standing astride some step so I copped off his feet and re positioned them. I was also luck enough to get some bases from MDP to combine into one plinth.

The Story Behind the Mini

02The story is that the young lad, brought up in distant castle finds out his true lineage the day his half brother takes the thrown and decides that the young lad is surplus to requirements so he has to defend himself. I wanted to portray him backing up some step fighting for his life.

Once the feet where removed it was a case of repositioning him and pinning his feet back this left a small problem that the tops of his boots looked odd So these were removed and re-sculpted using Green Stuff.


In this image he has been cleaned up and primed.




And using copious amounts of Milliput and some thin plasticard the two bases have been melded into one plinth.

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