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Friday, 31 August 2012

“Steady Boy” Update

So Using the Reaper purple Worm created a few problems. The most important was that it made the base top heavy so I decided to sculpt my own creature.

So this is where I’m at, at the moment.



First big thing is the creature.


The problems cause by using the Reaper Purple worm, the whole piece being top heavy and unstable, are fixed. This is made from a 50/50 mix of Super Sculpey & Super Sculpey firm over a some Aluminium box wire (from Tiranti) for the armature. It's a really simple armature, the wire cut to length then twisted and bent into shape. around the mid section I wrapped some thinner wire to add bulk and also give me a handle. Still some bits to do on the monster, sculpting its face and legs but it's progressing well.

Next is the base.


Since the balance issue was sorted it enabled me to higher the path slightly to add a layer of cobbles. these are offset to the left to balance the monster curving up to the right. You will also notice I added a hole for the tail to emerge from and have made a sewer cover. This was done by using some instant mould and making a press mould from another smartmax mini I have. It's made from magic sculpt.
Raising the base also let me put in a layer of earth, the rough sand & pva mix. Later on I'll attach some roots to this to make the sewer appear more dank and run-down.
Other things added are the window frame and the bracket for the streetlamp and some balsa strips on the back wall. I have thought I might add some rough floorboards that the creature has broken through but I'm still unsure about this yet.
Anyway, thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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