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Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Grudge II

Well I have done some more on this massive Dwarf bust. The more I work on this the more I like it. Fist off was to blend him into the base. This was actually War Griffons suggestion and was something I really liked the idea of because is signifies the Dwarven link to stone. Click on the image for a larger view.

 BaseTo do this I had to fettle away the old stone texture to a smoother surface, this also reduced some of the bulk. I did the same with the plinth to match the base of the dwarf and also added some stone working marks. I then fixed him to the plinth with 2 heavy pins and some 2 part epoxy glue. Once that was cured I went over the whole area with claydium. This is an air drying clay that has two properties I wanted. The first is that it is impregnated with tiny fibres making pretty strong for an air drying clay. The second is that it shrinks so as it dries it cracks adding to the natural stone texture.

Once this had cured overnight I went over it with thinned down milliput to seal the clay and add some strength,

One the original, under the shoulder pad there was just 2 stumps which again was covered in the same rocky texture as the base area. These bugged me and had to be sorted so, like above, I  smoothed off the texture then rolled out two strips of kneadite and sculpted in a chainmail texture copying that on his stomach. Once these were cured I cut them to shape and glued them underneath the shoulder pads so they look like upper arms.


Here is the bust from the front.


Let me know what you guys think.

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